ROK Aqua Services is located in Somerset and ideally positioned to cover South & West of UK offering Reverse Osmosis Knowledge services to people with industrial RO applications who want to:-

  1. - Revitalise RO performance to save money -
  2. - Squeeze out more efficiency for RO operation cost optimisation -
  3. - Be more ‘sustainable’ to save water and energy -
  4. - Monitor RO system operation against ‘best practice’ -

Working with your team we use an integrated approach engaging technical knowledge gained over 30 years’ experience of industrial water treatment and membranes. We deliver recommendations aiming to save water and optimise operating costs whilst meeting product quality and environmental concerns with effective RO troubleshooting support and high service standards.

Our service value depends on knowing what impacts your business costs so we build your trust by following a stepwise approach:

  1. 1. Site-specific people and plant audit Survey.
  2. 2. Site-specific Efficiency reporting and Improvement Plan recommendations.
  3. 3. On-going Performance Service support and Business reviews.

We establish quantified cost implications for your system based on changes to operating inputs:

RO Cost Breakdown